A Quirky Little Love Story

I am Chloe; a 21 year old Elementary Education major whose just trying to live a positive lifestyle. I'm gonna marry a boy named Timothy one day. He's pretty great if I do say so myself.
Check out my about me page if you'd like (or go ahead and ask me a question sometime). I am an outgoing goober who enjoys talking to just about anyone.

Some nights your bed feels just a little too big for one…

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I can relate to this

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agirlnamedannie asked: Hey! My bf has the same job as yours, F-22 maintenance! Just thought that was cool and wanted to say hi!

Lol very neat. I hope he works with a good crew. Tim doesn’t mind his job, but his supervisor can be a real strange person sometimes. 

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thisiswherewerefree asked: Hey! Quick question.. What is TDY? (My other URL is airforceandthespotlight, tumble won't let me ask a q under that name...)

A TDY is a temporary duty. It’s kinda sorta (not really) like a baby deployment.
Typically, they last between 1 and 3 months depending on the assignment/mission. Legally, they have to be less than 6 months. Otherwise that’s long enough to be considered a deployment. 
How frequently someone has to go on them really varies based on their career field. For example, Tim does maintenance on F-22’s; if the planes are required to leave Elmendorf for extended periods of time, he and the rest of the crew have to travel along with them. As a result, Tim just started the second TDY that he’s had this calendar year. For the first one, he worked at a base here in Florida for about a month. Now, he is going to be “working” offshore on some islands in the pacific for awhile (aka doing his normal job, and then snorkeling and tanning in his free time). They haven’t told him exactly how long he will be there for, but we believe it should only last roughly a month as well.
I don’t know how it works in other career fields or in other branches of the military, but usually TDYs nothing to stress about (at least not in Tim’s case). He is doing the same kind of jobs and takes he normally completes daily up in Anchorage, just at a different base. The only thing that sucks is we typically just have to deal with a 4 hour time difference, but now we have to deal with a 14 hour time difference for awhile.
Hope this helps :)

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I feel like this important.
Tim’s on a TDY right now, I know a lot of girls whose loved ones are currently deployed, and all sorts of other people are in similar situations.
All of these situations are far from optimal. And it hurts to be separated from your other half. It’s hard NOT to think about them constantly somedays.
But your other half wouldn’t want you to spend your days being sad and counting the minutes until you see them again. They’d want you to be happy!
This can be hard for some individuals to do if their lives has been focused on their relationship for an extended period of time. However, it’s important to remember how to INDEPENDENTLY be happy, joyous, and excited about life. Find hobbies, a good book, or immerse yourself in school/work. You deserve to celebrate each day. You can be part of a “we” and still do “you.” It’s pretty important actually; it leads to more stability in the long run… Especially if distance is going to be a reoccurring thing in your relationship.
If you manage to stay happy (more or less) during their absence, you get to be TWICE as happy once they finally do return! So you’ll have even MORE to look forward to! And imagine the different stories you’ll have to share… You’ll have neat experiences to tell your other half, too.
It is hard. Your emotions are real and valid. Every single day will not be good and happy. But don’t let your world stop. The busier you stay, the quicker time will pass. You can handle it. Find a way to celebrate today.

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Waaa this is so cute and makes me sad ;3;

This makes me miss Matt so much omg :(

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When ordinary days become amazing and important, it is the best feeling ever.

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It’s a long story, but some amazing shit went down with BOTH of my roommates today. The three of us have never felt more at peace with one another. I am so happy. This year just got so much better.

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